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Because it is one of AMSI’s missions to expose students to the art of drama and folklore, we have once again endeavored to present another musical from the enduring Rahbani legacy. What makes this venture as challenging as the six other plays we presented in the past is that there are no available recordings or footage to refer to. This year on June 6 and 7, 2012, we are proud to bring to the stage of the American University in Dubai a renewed production of “Al Mahatta,” or “The Station,” which was previously performed by our students in 1994. All these unforgettable plays are solely performed by our talented and dedicated Al Mawakeb and International School of Arts and Sciences students. We hope that this will be a stepping stone in our students journey from one “station” in life to another, one from which they will carry the memories of the experience and an appreciation for the Rahbani musical theatre.





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